Professional Development

DC Public Schools Reggio-Emilia Inspired Professional Development Days

August, 2013 Van Ness Education Campus

Introductory class. Learned basic tenants of Reggio-Emila Inspired Education. Engaged in role-playing activities to learn about guiding students through inquiry-based discovery of materials and activities.

October, 2013 Brent Elementary School

Shared work from my own classroom and attended presentations from colleagues in Reggio-Emilia Inspired schools around the city. Engaged in small group and whole group discussions about effective ways to marry the Reggio-Emilia Approach with the expectations and standards set by DC Public Schools

January, 2014 School-Within-School @ Goding

Attended discussion sessions on ways to incorporate active learning in the wider District of Columbia city community into classroom practice. Facilitated a discussion in which teachers from other schools looked at and interpreted the work of my colleague. Gave a presentation on methods I have used to incorporate DCPS learning standards into Reggio-Emilia Inspired creative learning experiences.

The Lab School of Washington, DC Professional Learning Lecture Series- I Just Don’t Get you: The Role of Temperament in Parenting and Teaching Kids with Neurodevelopmental Disabilities

January, 2014 The Lab School of Washington, DC

Attended two hour lecture on recognizing and working effectively with different types of temperaments in children.

Ivymount Outreach Programs: Unstuck and On Target

April-May, 2014 School-Within-School @Goding

Attended three workshops put on by The Ivymount School, a group that specializes in working with Autistic students and other exceptional learners. Learned and discussed strategies for teaching flexibility and resilience to atypically developing students. Implemented these practices in my classroom and attended sessions in which I discussed my struggles and successes with the practices.


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